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Mr. & Mrs. Drew Fleming reception
The Lemont, Mt.Washington, October 6. 2012

Vista Photoshot by Bill Cwynar

Lucas & Emily Rihely Wedding

Narry Wedding
May 15, 2010


You did an AMAZING job at my wedding!  You played EVERY SINGLE song I asked for, all at the perfect times, kept the a great flow of fast and slow songs and you kept the party going!  I am impressed and very satisfied with your service.  We got so many compliments from that day and many said it was the most fun they’ve ever had a wedding.  You remembered to play a couple of polkas, my parent’s special song for their 35th anniversary, as well as a smooth mix of dinner music, top 40, country and rock.  I will recommend you every chance I get. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Michelle Sutton Narry

Beightley Wedding

Jennifer & Christopher Wedding
Franzee's, Ambridge, PA
October 4, 2008

Tanya & Michael Casoli Wedding
Franzee's, Ambridge, PA
September 27, 2008

Damon & Sunshine AnkromDan & Megan Turkovich
Satisfied Spyn Doctors Newlyweds

Lucy Wedding
May 24, 2008

Aimee & Bill Parris Wedding

First Dance for the New Couple
Billy Takin' Care of Business
The Garter Belt

Surfin' USA!
More Surfin'!
Mom Surfs Too!

Friends Leah and Jason
Friends Brooke & Lou
Aimee With Her Father

Lou With the New Bride Aimee

After-party Activities at Krooner's, Where the Couple Met.
The Spyn Doctors Wish You All the Best!

Jen & JR Phillips Wedding
Jeffries Landing, Bridgewater, PA
July 17, 2004

Presided by the Honorable
Rick Mancini
The New Mr. & Mrs. JR Phillips
The Happy Bride & Groom
Leaving the Ship

The Bridal Party

The Reception

A Father & Son Moment
Amy & Bill

Best Friends
The Garter Belt
The Belt is Home!

Party People

"Paris Hilton"
"Jenna Bush" with the
"Secret Service"
We Wish You all the
Best of Luck Together!

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